Preservation on Jalan Sungai Besi Area Cemeteries & Crematoriums

February 7th, 2011


On the 500 acres of green of the Jalan Sungai Besi area, lies the cemeteries and crematoriums of 8 religious communities and dialects clans, namely the:
1 ) Kwang Tung Clan
2 ) Kwangsi Clan
3 ) Hokkien Clan
4 ) Sinhalese Buddhists
5 ) Roman Catholics
6 ) Hindus
7 ) Sikhs
8 ) Japanese

Since late 19th Century, some 250,000 KL residents have been buried or cremated here.
These cemeteries and crematoriums has witnessed Kuala Lumpur’s history for more than one century.

Kwang Tung Clan Cemetery
It is very old. It is big but there is limited space, so it’s crowded.

One area, which was long, sunken, and snaked around like a river was an amazing river of graves and headstones.

Graveyard of Capitan Yap Ah Loy in Kwang Tung Clan Cemetery has been restored and preserved for tourism used.

There is a pair of stone lion besides Capitan Yap Ah Loy’s graveyard. There is also a tablet stone recorded the history of Capitan Yap Ah Loy.

Hokkien Clan Cemetery
Walking around is tricky — the ground is soft and icky.
At one point in that graveyard, there is the most amazing view of downtown KL.

Kwangsi Clan Cemetery

Couplet and the decorated archway at the entrance of Kwangsi Clan Cemetery.

Roman Catholics Cemetery

Graveyard of the World War II sacrifice soldiers.

Japanese Cemetery

Japanese cemetery is the most beautiful and tidy. It’s well keep by Embassy of Japan.

Hindus Crematorium

This is where the body burning.

Origin of the Preservation

But in the year 1996 until 2000, our government intend to destroy the cemeteries under the name of materialistic development.
Luckily, a group of concerned Malaysian citizens, stand together with the managements of the cemeteries and crematoriums, opposed any attempts to remove the cemeteries and crematorium for commercial purpose.

Finally the cemeteries and crematorium has been preserved successfully because of these reasons:
1) To disturb the dead and scarify the spiritual aspect of the society is not approved by any religion and civilization.
2) The century-old cemeteries shall be gazette as a heritage and the DBKL has the responsibility to beautify this area as tourist attraction.
3) The 500 acres of land there as an important green lung of Kuala Lumpur, shall be protect for the living quality in Kuala Lumpur.

Jogathon Warisan

Every year, Youth Section of The Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall together with others youth organization will organise a running event call Jogathon Warisan in these cemetery.
The main purpose is to remind public the importance of our historical sites preservation.

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    Hi, I’m interested on the historical background of Sg Besi cemetery. Good to know you have some information on it. Hope you will share more. Thanks again for the effort.